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歌曲歌词大全网收录“tell me 歌词”,歌曲歌词或悠扬,或悲伤,歌曲歌词来源于生活又高于生活,歌手通过歌曲告诉大家生活的道理,希望大家在享受音乐的同时有所收获,下面一起来欣赏下由NSync演唱的tell me 歌词吧。

Tell Me, Tell Me... Baby


Hold on, uh

You know what?

Can we back it up just a little bit?

Said I

Said I


Tell me oh

We're born the same day

We even think the same way

I couldn't be more right

We are what they call a perfect match

Something that you can't touch

Down to the last bone

You're my baby

But to be honest

There's just one thing

A part that is missing

You don't seem to care at all

Tell me, tell me baby

How come you don't want to love me?

Don't you know

That I can't breathe without you?

Tell me, tell me just how

What am I supposed to do

Right now?

Why can't you love me?


Tell me, my baby

Now from the moment we met

I thought that I was all set

How could I be so wrong?

Now I'm hearing that you're seeing someone new

And I wanna

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