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crawling back to you

backstreet boys

everybody knows

that i was such a fool

to ever let go of you

but baby i was wrong

and yeah i know i said

we'd be better off alone

it was time that we moved on

i know i broke your heart

i didn't mean to break your heart

but baby, here i am

banging on your front door

my pride's spilled on the floor

my hands and knees are bruised

and i'm crawling back to you

begging for a second chance

are you gonna let me in?

i was running from the truth

and now i'm crawling back to you

i know you're in there

and you can make me wait

but i'm not gonna wait

this is the least that i can do

just is to tell you face to face

i was lying to myself

now i'm dying in this hell

girl, i know you're mad

i can't blame you for being mad

but baby, here i am

banging on your front door