waiting miles away

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歌曲歌词大全网收录“waiting miles away”,歌曲歌词或悠扬,或悲伤,歌曲歌词来源于生活又高于生活,歌手通过歌曲告诉大家生活的道理,希望大家在享受音乐的同时有所收获,下面一起来欣赏下由Madonna演唱的waiting miles away吧。

Alicia Keys - Distance And Time

@ 活在當下 制作

You are always on my mind

all I do is count the days

where are you now?

I know I never let you down

I will never go away

I really wish that you'd stay but what can we do

all the days that you've been gone I dreamed about you

and I anticipate the day that you will come home, home, home

No matter how far you are

no matter how long it takes him

through distance and time

I'll be waiting

and if you have to walk a million miles

I'll wait a million days to see you smile

distance and time, I'll be waiting

distance and time, I'll be waiting

will you take a train, to meet me where I am

are you on your way?

I will never do anything to hurt you

I'll never live without you

I really wish that you would stay but what can we do

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