Your Negativity

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歌曲歌词大全网收录“Your Negativity”,歌曲歌词或悠扬,或悲伤,歌曲歌词来源于生活又高于生活,歌手通过歌曲告诉大家生活的道理,希望大家在享受音乐的同时有所收获,下面一起来欣赏下由LadyGaGa演唱的Your Negativity吧。

Lady GaGa - Optimist

@ 活在當下 制作

Its over Its over

Youre like the defintion of negative

Always complainin your such a pestimist

Your cup is half empty

Im just so sick of it

I got a different perspective

My copies level

My sky is never gray

You cant bring be down anymore baby

My future is bright

Cant wait to face the day

Theres one thing you should know about me

Im a optimist

Im so positive

That youll never get another chance with me baby

Im a optimist

Im so positive

That your chances blown boy your gon spread your negativity

Youre such a downer

Youre never satisfied

You keep on giving your face or silver line

On the horizon so boy dont even try

Injectin me with your negative vibes

My copies level

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